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Investing in real estate can be an effective way to gain capital appreciation. A joint venture with a popular realtor proves to be very advantageous. The main factors to look into, before entering into a joint venture with a realtor are their reliability, efficiency and consistency. We believe in transparency in every step of the transaction.

Megh Group Real Estate invites all land owners for joint development proposals in Chennai. We assure that you will get the best deal for promoting your property by joint venture.

If you own a land with clear titles, you can contact: 044-30773333

You get to make your dream home come true! Why joint venture with us?

  • We help you design your home the way you want it to be.
  • We take care of all procedures, formalities, approvals, etc.
  • We ensure a trustworthy partnership to act as an added advantage to you through and through.
  • Transparency in transactions, consistent quality and prompt work of all projects.
  • We offer you better returns and better experience right from the day you decide to make a joint venture till the date we hand it over.
  • We have reputed technicians, experienced staff with which we can deliver rich experience.
  • Great customer satisfaction

Residential Real Estate:

A legacy of excellence

A legacy of over a century marked by milestones across the world, Megh Real estate division - NPL has created numerous outstanding and eco friendly landmarks in Chennai. Under the guidance of Mr. Meghraj Sakariya, the tradition has endured. Today, this belief continues to guide our decisions and define our work ethics. With an extensive knowledge, guidance and training from the founder himself, in 1994 Mr. Narendra Sakariya, started handling all the transactions with immense integrity and honesty. He says “Quality & Safety are fundamental to us, and we build the highest standards of care into everything that we do. We’re committed to environmental safety as well. You can be confident that for any project ours - be it a particular product or the materials used; the required documentation will be available readily.” He also adds “Every single project is nature compliant as we believe the nature does not need people; only we are depended on it.”

Quality people; Quality projects

We aim to develop vibrant communities with a true sense of place that fit into their surrounding area and meet the needs of local people. Each apartments we build is constructed with care by a dedicated team of professionals, be it the technicians in the office, the skilled craftsmen on site, or our efficient sales people – all of whom work together to deliver the highest standards of design, construction, and service.

Homes where you want in live in.

We build a wide range of properties, from one- and two-bedroom apartments to four bedroom lavish apartments, with a wide-ranging price structure including both private and affordable homes. From design and scheduling, and adding the absolute finishing touches to your elegant new home, we keep your needs in mind, ensuring we create homes to suit all lifestyles. From the moment you reserve your new Megh home, we do our very best to make the experience enjoyable and informative every step of the way.

“We strive to enhance the environment and local community and to run our business in a way that is sustainable."