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Renewable Energy

Megh Renewable Energy is a Chennai based sustainable solutions provider, a company established in order to spread the innovation of modern day technology of the eco-friendly market throughout the country. Our teams of experts from the corresponding fields diversify energy sources as the competent authorities, we begin operational phases of a determined plan to use wind power and solar energy. We instigate our own environment and renewable energy project to contribute to our economy’s growth, to create job opportunities and to strengthen the national GDP. We serve governmental, industrial, residential and commercial sectors by accommodating the rising demand for energy through our renewable energy solutions. We provide solutions that are cost-effective, have long life, and produce no emissions. Energy consumption is on the rise and so is the cost, but with renewable energy solutions it is more convenient, sustainable and socially responsible.

Success in new spaces:

Our years of deeper and rigorous data analytics will help your project succeed with greater efficiency, be it turnkey Utility solar, Energy storage or Commercial solar project requirements. We provide performance and insights at highest level, with our extensive experience in the corresponding fields at any scale and in any environment considered necessary by our client.