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Helmed by some of the top leaders in the industry, Megh Group is a self-driven firm set out to change perception towards value & transparency.

Mr.Narendra Sakariya

Mr. Narendra Sakariya chairperson of Megh Group of businesses took it upon himself to spearhead a complete transformation in the way business was conducted in 1990. Following the path lead by our founder Mr.Meghraj Sakariya, combined with his strong entrepreneurial skills, Megh Group saw new boundaries with a soaring success graph. Widely known for his exemplary marketing skills, Mr. Narendra Sakariya was recognized across the country for his path-breaking and visionary contributions through his pioneering role as exceptional supplier of pipes and fittings under Madras Steels and Tubes Company. Madras Steels and Tubes was conceived and built from scratch into an empire only through his sheer focus and determination. With the apt academic background in commerce and the impeccable record, he has been winning the best “Pipe Distribution” award and many such accolades every single year since 1990 till date.

Dr.Meena Sakariya

Ms. Meena Sakariya started her professional career by handling the complete finance department of Megh Group of businesses. She has a Doctorate in Philosophy and is widely known for her philanthropic work through Megh Group. She is the pillar of strength and acts a determining advisor in providing timely guidance and valuable suggestion with regards to investments and taxation. Being the wife of the highly regarded managing director she has rendered various roles and responsibility diligently. Ms. Meena Sakariya’s strategic direction of her company has been largely successful. There is one quality that sets truly great managers apart from the rest. They discover what is unique about each person and then capitalize on it and that is exactly what makes Ms.Meena Sakariya a great leader.

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Mr.Nishank Sakariya

Mr.Nishank Sakariya graduated from London School of Economics and completed his masters in Construction management from Nottingham Trent University. With a digital edge and great acumen, he oversees the real-estate and steel wings of Megh Group of business since 2008. Through his innovative ideas and natural flare for business negotiation, he has made path-breaking success in today’s digital world. He is extensively credited with conceptualizing a unique and innovative model for any projects he handles and his visionary efforts are crowned with success. Mr.Nishank Sakariya has transformed the urban landscape of the city by setting new standards and employing advanced technologies in planning and as well as in the development of real estate projects. He considers business references from their existing customers as the greatest award a builder can have, as he believes in developing communities and not just real-estate ventures.


Mr. Ayush Sakariya

A civil Engineering Graduate at SRM University, he completed Masters in Building Design, Civil Engineering. Today, he is one of our torchbearers in leading our stellar vision in Steel & Construction wings of Megh Group. A strong logical mind and penchant for new ideas makes him one of the able leaders at our company.